Don’t Let Life Get the Best of You

Many times in life we let the smallest things get the best of us. Someone cuts us off in traffic. A family member is spreading rumors about you. Or your child is off course and you don’t see how they are going to come back. 

Just remember you are stronger than you think. It’s important that you don’t let life get the best of you. What’s discouraging you today or stealing your joy? 

Things will happen in life and as men we think that we can take the world on our shoulders and never feel any hurts and just let it keep pilling up. 

Ten percent of life is what will happen too you and ninety percent of life is how your going to react. Are you going to let that situation with that person cutting in front of you or your child being off course steal your joy today? 

I encourage you today to act as if you only had a month to live. Would it matter if that person on the grocery store got to the check out before you? Would you be upset about the person who cut you off in traffic? What about being upset that you had to work a few extra hours at work this week? 

If you only had a certain amount of time on this earth I bet you’d change your thinking and not let life get the best of you. Instead be grateful for the time you do have and the extra hours you did get at work to support your family. 

Live in the moment of today. Don’t worry about tomorrow and quit tying to change the past.

You got this day today Brother!! Be your best!! 

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