We want you to rock your beard and be your best! 

At Triple X Beard we know you are the kind of men who want to be bearded, bold and confident. In order to be that way, you need to understand what it takes to grow the best beard. The problem is connecting with like minded bearded men, which can make you feel inferior.

We believe bearded men should look and feel their best. We understand its not just hair on your face, but a lifestyle. That’s why we built a community of bearded men that encourage each other with intention to be your best.

Here’s how it works, communication as a brotherhood, support to encourage you, and product to grow that manly mane.

So join our brotherhood and shop now to get the product that will help your beard grow and stay healthy, so you can stop feeling inferior and start rocking your beard with confidence living the bearded lifestyle you have always dreamed of!

Meet the Founder

My Story and transformation...

In November 2018 I woke up with a desire for change. After nearly 20 years of the same style I looked in the mirror and imagined what I’d look like with a beard and decided not to shave. This was the start of a new beginning and journey. 

As the days went by and I started seeing more facial hair I became fascinated and passionate about growing my beard! I took weekly pics for the first year and keep track of my growth. Watched videos on growing beards and tried all kinds of different product to make sure I’d get the best results. 

Growing my beard has become a lifestyle change and now a passion I look forward to daily. I’m inspired to encourage other men to not give up growing their beard. I love seeing the amazing transformation and confidence these men have through their journey. 

All Beards grow differently so you have to Rock your beard and be proud of what you can grow!! 

As a man we are always searching for more in life. We realize the change we have been looking for is not on the outside of life, but the inside. The desire within that challenges us to be confident, live with intention and this sparks change. Having a beard is not just hair on your face, it’s a lifestyle and a calling to look and feel your very best.

It takes patience and persistence to grow a beard and thats why at Triple X Beard Company we understand the importance of only using premium  products to help you with your success. Big beards, small beards or patchy beards you need to optimize on what you can rock with your beard!

At Triple X Beard we want you to wake up every morning ready to take on the day knowing that we have your back and are here  to encourage you every step of the way.    

Marc - 
Triple X Beard