When can I expect my product?

No doubt you're excited about getting your product ASAP! We make it a priority to ship within 24 hours of receiving your order. Either by USPS or Priority shipping. We will send you a tracking number by email and you can sign up for text/email updates so you know when you’ll receive your beard mail!

Shipping rates?

Orders over $35 will ship free in the USA! 

$4.99 under $35.

Please contact us outside of the United States. 

What is our guarantee?

We guarantee you’ll love our all natural beard product. You’ll actually be able to feel and see a difference in the health of your beard and skin when using our product daily. Not to mention, our commitment and service to you if you have any questions or need advice. We are always here to support you. If you aren’t absolutely delighted with the product and service provided, we insist that you tell us and we’ll replace your product or refund your money back. 

Where are our Products Made?

Manufactured right here in the United States of America just for you with only the finest hand picked ingredients to grow that manly mane!

When should I start using beard products?

If your reading this then it’s most likely you have a beard or thinking about growing one. No time to waste when it comes to looking good! You’ll want to start using our product immediately to get the best results and growth to help you grow that awesome beard!  

How often should I use the product?

We recommend Daily use. Morning and Night or as often as your mane craves the refreshing and hydrating nourishment your hair and face needs! 

What amount should I use?

Immediately when you open your beard product up it’s going to be hard to resist bathing yourself in it! We recommend using a small amount to start with cause every beard is different. If you have a well established beard you’ll use more than if you're just a few weeks into it. 

How do I contact you?

Simply send us a message or email and we will be on it like the hair on your face (if that makes any sense).