My Friend Jim

For the last 45 days my wife and I have been going to Circle K to get coffee since our Keurig machine broke. Why did't we buy a new coffee machine? Good question! 

We bought a new house in Texas and had just purchased a new Keurig for that home. Since we were moving we didn't want to purchase another machine. 

We would pull up to this particular Circle K every morning before our workout and there were always the same nice people working there. However, there is one particular gentleman that stood out to me that was there one Monday morning. 

Yes, you guessed it he has a bad ass beard!

I came out of Circle K and went over to talk with him. You can tell he was either homeless or a traveler around town. 

I introduced myself and we both immediatley commented on each others beards!

We got to talking about the beard journey and how it becomes a part of who we are and our identity. Not to mention, I was excited to give him some free beard product samples when they came in. 

I got to thinking that the journey of life we are on takes us to extraordinary places that you may never of dreamed! On the other hand, we may feel like a victim to life's obstacles. 

Nevertheless, life is a journey and we have to make the best of it like My Friend Jim! 

Stay Strong, Keep Growing and Never give up!! 

P.S. I want to give a shout out to Lupita at Circle K for giving us FREE coffee!



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