Beard Butter and Benefits

I have been asked a few times since growing my beard “what is best to soften your beard” and “does beard butter help your beard grow”?

Beard butter is one of the essential products to use after you apply beard oil. Now keep in mind there is a difference between beard balm and beard butter. 

Beard balm is a more intense hold that is used for taming and styling an untamed beard.

Beard butter is generally a light to medium hold. Giving more of a natural and lighter feel.

Beard butter will give your beard hairs the nutrients and oils it needs to grow strong and healthy. Think of beard butter as a leave in conditioner to maintain control and keep you beard soft.

As far as growth, beard butter can promote healthy growth. However, we all grow different lengths and there does come a point to where your beard may hit a terminal length.

Beard hair is a lot like arm pit hair. Unlike hair on your head that will continue to grow for most of us and we get routine haircuts. Your beard (like arm pit hair) for most bearded men will hit a terminal length, 

Now don’t let that discourage you to keep growing. The better you are at taking care of your beard and using the right products the better results you will see with maximize growth. 

It’s a fine balance to maximize beard growth. I’ll write about that in a separate blog. 

In conclusion, beard butter will promote healthy growth and should be used daily to keep your beard hair nourished.

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