Bearded transformation

For you guys that are on the fence about growing a beard and getting tired of being called a “boy” instead of a “man” you’ll want to read this!

It has been said that having a beard is like a mane to a lion. The bigger the mane the more territorial the lion. 

If you have made the decision to grow that manly mane then let the testosterone kick in and be ready to transform you lifestyle.

All of us men grow facial hair differently. What you can grow though will not go unrecognized, I can assure you of that. It’s a journey of patience and persistence.

Now understand that growing a strong healthy beard its essential to use premium product to maximize your results. It’s also important that your women or significant other likes the product you are using and it doesn’t smell like your bathing your beard in motor oil. She will thank you for that one ;)

As your growing your manly mane you will inevitably have different stages of growth and lengths. I would suggest taking photos of your growth once a week. This will give you opportunity to compare the growth from the previous week and give you motivation to keep growing. 

This also becomes a challenge to see how far you’ll go. I know when I first started I dedicated for 6 months  I hit the 6 month mark and decided to go the full year.  

Growing a beard is like makeup to a women. It’s our opportunity to make a physical change in appearance and say good bye to our baby faces and small chins.

As I was writing this I asked my wife ¨why do you like my beard¨?  She simply responded “because its manly”. That’s enough right there to give me a nice boost of testosterone and confidence. 

So if your on the fence going from a kitty to a lion then I suggest you stop shaving, throw away your razor and start growing that manly mane and reclaim your life and territory today brother!   



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